26 Running in America Saint Kenneth Cooper, with your stethoscope Stopwatch and clipboard, how they run for you! Eager and obedient in every thew Having had courses now on How to Cope With Death, on how to eat, to screw, to open doors, breathe, spit, work zippers … they can do The running but you make it all come true In charts, with points, paying off Faith and Hope: Dad in his old sweat suit, running head down Doggedly in the dusk, the stern beauty with the frown, The young couple goose-stepping shoulder-high, Eyes straight ahead, to warm up — none of them smiles. I’ve heard at parties the questions … “How many miles …?” And the really serious runner’s shy reply. At the New School for Social Research you can take not only “Coping with Death” but “The Philosophy and Psychology of Death.” “We were early in death studies,” says the New School’s proud president, John R. Everett. 53