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1. Yes, it's distressing, the demon appears in you as quietly
as, say, a large pimple appears overnight on a teenager's nose.
2. In dreams he sometimes resembles a man, sometimes the demons
in old pictures -- greenish, a baked-looking skin. He changes rapidly.
3. In your contest with him, you may think at times
to ignore him, having observed that he thrives on attention:
the thought that you have succeeded in this, though,
is a signal to him to come rushing back
with a furiousness that will astound you. You discover he is
more serious than you yourself have ever been.
4. He can, at times, what with the energy and vigilance
he has appropriated in you, almost
acquire the shape and size of a good man.
5. Almost. His weakness is that he can be contained.
He lives inside the life of his host, helping himself
to it generously, and can't surpass his host in magnitude.
When he wins, it's by reducing his host to his own considerable size.
6. He is obstinate. One may take comfort, if one can,
in refl ecting that courage is superior to obstinacy.
7. He is mature. No matter what the shape
he takes at the moment, the lines and surfaces are fi rm.
Observing this, you understand that you are the child
you were, and had better set to learning, as that child learnt.
8. His obstinacy, maturity, energy, ingenuity, and seriousness
enforce a desperation which, for good or ill,
demands action, and there's the whole point. The demon comes
straight from the Nature of Things. His message is simple:
keep moving, you. Hence his own resourcefulness
in suggesting new arrangements, fi nding opportunities.