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he getting it down without delay,
having learned that his memory could
not be trusted with it. The other day
he had read in Aubrey that Hobbes
when at work on Leviathan
often took walks and kept a pen
and inkhorn in the head of
his walking-staff , so that when `a
notion darted,' he could write it
down, on the spot.
-- Coming up here
was no escape from any
bad time he was having. He'd learned
that the bad time tagged along.
He liked walking up here
with his wife, with his sons,
with a friend or friends.
When you are here with others,
the place is the occasion and
being with others is the event.
Those were good times.
Memories of them stayed
lively. Always his need
to go up here alone was
for the place itself. In time
it became a physical need.