background image
old one), Golden Fluttering Stone,
Cow Dung (he could never reconstruct
pathways by which the mind in search
of a name for a new trout fl y might
arrive at Cow Dung; however, Cow Dung
it was, for what is a still serviceable
old trout fl y), Blue Quill, Bitch Creek,
Cream Crane Fly, Olive Peeking Nymph
(vivid little almost-picture). He looks up
again, thinking of the light skittering
across fast water, the calm shine
of water full of leaf refl ections
at a bend; the sudden cold clamped
into his legs through his waders, the almost
alarming force of this particular current
as he entered some wide water moving
majestically in near-perfect silence
through one mountain meadow; pool
under a single leaning tree, white uproar
in the narrows, and he balancing there
on a boulder....
Looking down again:
it was the Irresistible catching his eye,
then Zug Bug, and South Fork Sally,
and Gray Fox, Hare's Ear Flashback,
Parmachene Belle (another of the old
ones, still good), Madame X Rubberlegs,
Grizzly King, Heavy Bitch Creek, Brown
Matuka, Gray Ghost, Black Leech,
Adult Blue Damsel, Royal Stimulator,