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To reappear the Ute
He remained to the end. Such a man
And the world are brothers wrestling.
He does not forget which of the two of them
Is the elder and will win.
Be a Ute for all you're worth.
Marry a Ute wife,
Take your people each year into the mountains
For the hunting, summer and fall;
Trading and (no purist) rations in winter;
Fight the Sioux (with Crook --
`Jack's callous ferocity startled
Even Crook's veterans');
Dance the Bear Dance, dance
The war dance and sing
Its one word song the tribe name
tsiuta all night long,
Slow the Whites down with words:
You come see about dis.
Why all dese soldiers want to see too?
Ain' no trouble dere.
You come. I show you Meeker
Ain' beat up. Lot of soldier
Come to Agency, women get scared,
Children get scared,
Young men maybe dey want to fi ght.
Old ones say No fi ght,