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Authority of energies
Our own yet not our own; and
From exuberance.... When young
We are I think but distantly
Attached to our bodies, being
Ill-informed still on any
Necessity we live by.
Years pass and we sink into
The body. Now warily there
I fi nd I take a kindly
Interest in the more or less
Faithful old mount (that is
When fairly healthy), wrily
Admiring its survival
Of pain sickness and danger,
With recollections of work,
Food, sleep, love, talk; of places
Where for moments all was well.
And one day we are body,
And nothing more. Though spirit
Is instructed by the body
Not the other way around,
It's in the spirit only
That instruction can take place
-- Of what grand elaborate sorts --
While a defi nition of
The body might be: What knows,
Really knows its lessons, so
Is a fully accredited