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9. He cannot be ejected. There's no place to send him. Though Christ
drove some demons into a herd of hogs, and the hogs rushed off
into the sea, into what could he have poured the sea?
Or as Whitehead observed: `There is no escape from the totality
of the universe, and exclusion is an activity
comparable to inclusion.'
So. If the demon can't be
ejected, maybe he can only be made to disappear, right there
within you, as -- light from a 40-watt bulb disappears
in light from a 100-watt bulb. Light bulbs? It seemed barren.
Say, then, the way a pool in a dry creek bed
disappears once the creek begins to fl ow again.
I stopped on that. It was late, a cold wind,
blowing hard since sundown, now was beating
more noisily than ever in the darkness about the house.
During the night a creek came to mind, and a real one,
back in Missouri, outside Columbia, on the hilly
and still half-wooded place owned by a farmer
who let me hunt squirrels there: frost weather,
the clear colors of the hickories and oaks in the still air
startled me every fall when I went back in
where the hunting was best along a creek
with a corn fi eld on one bank which the squirrels
raided in the morning and evening twilights
and along the other bank a wooded rise
where they nested. The creek this time of year
after its spring and summer noise and glitter