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But maybe young men don't hear
Old men -- then trouble.
When the troops come on anyway
Slow them down with bullets.
And when more troops come on
Use words once more, gain a month,
Gain half a year.... When the tribe
Is driven out at last
From its country, when the Ute self's broken,
Not to break along with it.
No, be separate again, be one Ute,
If that is possible -- a teamster
Once again. Then some soldiers, questions
And a sudden argument
About a horse theft and `Jack was wounded
As he ducked into a teepee.
When the soldiers pulled down the teepee
Jack ran into another.'
I remember him by what it took to kill him.
`He was protected from our bullets
By bales of robes and rawhides.
He fi red his carbine and killed
Sergeant Casey. I then caused a shell
From a mountain howitzer
To be fi red into the teepee in which Ute Jack
Was barricaded, killing him.'