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what some said happened to him one day
Carl Adams, the man
who was born Karl Schwanbeck,
kicked Colorow downstairs
for waving a revolver
and calling the Governor
liar, damn liar, goddamn liar.
what he did at milk creek
When the soldiers crossed over
the Reservation line, the Utes
met their advance and stopped it.
And then Colorow, the clown
with the enormous belly,
showed the Utes the way to hold
the soldiers inside the pits
they had dug when caught in the open --
hold them there breathing the stench
of their own dead horses,
and no water, tasting their own sweat
in the glare of the hot sand-fl at.
mr. wolf londoner's colorow story
When I kept store in California Gulch
Colorow used to come in for some trading,
And I'd ask him to dinner, being afraid
If I didn't he might take our scalps. One time
He came with fi ve squaws, and they ate and ate.