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That broke into the hush
I faced in a long room
In which I used to teach
Broke, then went on in a rush,
In which the vision hovered.
Here it is, word for word:
Our little earth's a goner --
As anyone can see
With or without a book,
You only need to look --
The whole revolting disaster
Being infl icted on her
North south east and west
Now uncontrollably
Coming straight at us faster
Than anybody guessed.
Once and for all, right here,
Come drop with me, a tear
For her, as dwelling-place
For us, the one earth-race
That hasn't belonged here
From the outset: the ones
Whose hearts have been elsewhere,
In this or that Elphame
I won't take time to name;
Neither would I seek
To parcel out the blame:
By nature, so to speak,
We are space aliens.
The space, between our ears.
How lately we have known
That we are on our own.
And after we are gone?
(Be sure that we'll be gone.)
If anyone should care,