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the career
By means long since too commonplace to mention
(Taught, therefore, in the classrooms of the land,
With diagrams) he captured their attention.
How anxiously they came to see him stand
With a loop of his intestines in each hand!
He was no Indian giver.
He fed them with his two lungs and his liver.
His call was `Come and see a man unmanned.'
He diced his heart and kidneys. He became
All mouthed name,
And then they took the blame.
winter child
Never mind now, I am delighted,
my happiness is complete --
the individual human now recedes
with his motley moderations
on moderate little earth
these days of October,
November, December, when
the mother darkness and cold
come back and the father light
wheels low, aslant, unconcernedly
withdrawn into remoteness,
in the extravagance
he blazes with, and we
come back into the mineral
sleep (a little way) from which
rousing so keenly
in the cold
we see and hear nothing
but the Heart's red fi res in the dark, in