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stubble burning 125
Such were the grace and strength
The words moved in that day.
Sound and clear
He held 'em -- for a time.
`Hard to please all' in just
The things that matter most --
That, if at all, are fi xed
In a hateful compromise
By creatures that even when wise
Come from a dab of slime
Chance has mixed.
Ruin a delightful city
For money or for spite.
Do it in broad daylight.
Then you can see the law --
On rich gangs, on poor gangs,
Violence boomerangs --
That half in hate half pity
Solon saw.
All sides are wrong. He'll rule,
Though, that you'll take a side
Or be disqualifi ed,
Citizen ... and perceive
In the weak collective mind's
Twitchings, and your designs,
Both drawing from one spool,
One tight weave.