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tree meditations and others 237
Then down a stony beach
Pouring still crystalline
Among brown sand and stones
To the silent shock of entry
In a fogged, booming ocean,
Grays, grays and muffl
ed whites,
Vague parallels hurrying in,
Creek shooting under, straight in.
the dragon of things
Silver Creek isn't silver
but dark, for the water fl ows, clear and shallow,
on a bed of black lava,
that fl owed in its time,
thick and slow, over a sandstone bed that in its time
was slowly drifting sand.
Firs, cedars, and maples
shadow the thin soil that formed in time
upon the lava
-- shadow Silver Creek
(among the shadows the streaks and blobs of light
are silver indeed)....
Where the lava fl ow stopped
the stream wore a gorge in the sandstone in time,
over the gorge hangs