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We suddenly heard fi ring.
I ran to the window and saw
the employees running off
in various directions,
and the Utes fi ring at them.
We gathered up the children
and went into the milk-house,
which was built against the kitchen,
bolted the outside door
and sat down on the fl oor.
We sat there all afternoon.
At intervals all would be quiet,
then fi ring would break out,
perhaps a dozen shots
or a half dozen. We saw
they were busy looting the goods,
and whenever they found a man
belonging to the Agency
they would shoot him. This kept up
till about fi ve, when we found
that they had fi red the house.
fi ve
They called to us to stop
and Pah-sone called to me
and said, "You come to me;
no shoot you," and I said,
"You'd better not." I saw
that one had Mrs. Price,
and one had hold of mother.
They took us toward the river,
where each one had his loot
stacked up, and Pah-sone placed me
on some blankets he had stolen.