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Abiding snake, 273
A bleakness about the place, with the
wind keen, 186
A chill gray day and a wind began to
blow, 214
A clear mind, 396
A friend dislikes the Day, 129
After he concluded that, 295
After the loud storm she lay off shore
low, 203
A globe of bright haze..., 268
A green bush in the shower, 150
A hot breath off the land at my turnback
spot, 187
All around the infrequent little towns,
All tired out in the morning, 162
A long time since he'd been here, 40
A low fog bank to run inside today, 205
A malformed and much sophisticated
world, 162
...and a low wind in the alder grove, 102
And is the answer `Yes'?, 79
And I wake up, 158
And I woke up this morning, 157
...and leaving, then, 169
And no thanks for this power of vision,
...and still, deep down..., 176
And such, 148
An inordinate attachment, 85
A photographer sets his tripod up and
waits, 213
A quiet, cool, spring morning, 234
At 3:00 a.m. out of bed, 67
A thousand sheep crowding the
mountain road, 15
At last the big moon cleared the grove
on the seacliff , 65
At my desk, the house still, 247
A trout stream in the high Rockies, 156
At the museum (O Mousa) I learn, 241
At the reading -- somewhat country-boy,
At the water's edge a baby smacks the
beach, 213
August, a full moon, 130
Autumn, an island, 140
Back from a trip up north, 130
Bad omen in the morning and once
more, 183
Beach wide and fl at. I run, dully, on a
sheet, 189
Below St. Mary's retreat, 143
Be with me, powers, 273
Blazing November. The wrongness of
this weather..., 186
Brought in unawares -- suddenly, 164
But the water -- a half-inch deep there,
sidling in, 190
By means long since too commonplace
to mention, 174
Chill air and the sea sunk, like a lake,
Clear from the entrance I could see the
spray, 198
Cold and from the wrong direction, 157
Cold dead light, and the beach, from the
long rain, 215
Cold spatter of rain, then wind..., 192
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