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than I, who was much too close,
to notice that for the Utes
to have submitted to such
reforming regulations,
they would fi rst have had to be
reformed. No, he's not stupid.'
the man who went there: general adams reports
General -- one of many
in the Colorado militia --
Adams, but christened Schwanbeck,
Karl Schwanbeck, in Anklam,
Pomerania; student in classics
in '48; rioted
against the King; fl ed
for his life, to this country;
soldier; scout; agent
to the White River Utes
some ten years earlier;
friend of Ouray; later
U.S. Minister
to Bolivia; Inspector
for the U.S. Postal Service;
commander of a unit
of deputies at Cripple Creek
against striking miners;
dead at fi fty from the explosion
of a hotel steam boiler;
a self-possessed man, his career
as much a miscellaneous
composite as Colorow's,
Nathan Meeker's, or Ouray's....