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are in suffi
cient force.
My idea is
that unless removed by the federal government
the Indians must be exterminated.
This State is willing to settle the Indian trouble
at its own expense -- the advantages accruing
from opening twelve million acres of land
to miners and settlers, would more than compensate
for the expenses of the operation.
Statement to the Press by the Famous Indian Fighter
General Pemberton, Conqueror of the Modocs,
the Jicarilla Apaches, the Arapahos, the
Chiracahua Apaches, the Bannocks ...
(of whom it is written in the D.A.B.,
`He thoroughly understood the Indian
character. Realizing their hopeless
struggle to hold their lands against
white encroachment, he was more prone
to pardon than to punish.'):
Most of the Indian troubles
are caused by Indian Agents --
mismanagement of supplies
or the like -- or broken faith
on the part of the Government.
Indians should be placed,
now, under the control
of the War Department. -- What
would be its policy
toward their disposal?
train them to support
themselves; there is no reason
why they should not. They are willing
to do so, all they want