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the white boat 63
professor bath's talk on shakespeare's sonnets
Forgot his notes? Over-confi dent? While we waited
He employed charm, and when that dissipated
He stalled, digressed, tried more charm, made
One little point, digressed, once more delayed --
We writhing under the infrequent drip
Of meaning from a lifetime's scholarship.
one who is cultivated (and cultivates)
One fi nds that one
must say one rather often
when one wishes it
to be seen that one
is one of that class
of persons whom one
expects to say one
and not you. (Don't you?)
anthem for the new institute
There is no such thing as literature.
-- dept. chair
Literature? We can shove it
No more fake that we love it,
We've got ourselves above it
And make a good thing of it.