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white river poems 377
Here is the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
petitioning for Federal aid
in "improving the Ohio River."
And here, against the Commissioners
of the District of Columbia,
are set forth charges of malfeasance
involving forged certifi cates.
And one Henry Voelter applies
for an extension of his patent
for reducing wood to paper pulp
(diagrams of his machinery;
testimony, for and against).
Here is the settlement of a claim
of Beales, Nobles, and Garrison
against the government of Venezuela.
It concludes: "I therefore reduce
the indemnity to be awarded
in favor of the above-named claimants,
to two hundred and fi fty thousand
hard dollars; and so I decide it."
Here are some of the goings on
in the corporate intelligence
of the National Academy of Sciences:
H. Draper, "On Photographing
Spectra of the Stars." J. Dalton,
"Some Observations on the Structure
of the Human Brain." J. Newberry,
"On Some Interesting Deposits
of Gold and Silver in Utah."
S. Alexander, "On a Direct
and Simple Method of Ascertaining