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And cannot be scared off or bluff ed away.
This, coupled with his notion that he owns
The land, which has become a passion with him,
Has made it very unpleasant, and at times
Dangerous for the settlers.'
his small joke in a ute council
...The old man said to the whites:
All right, we give you some land
For your presents, only
You must take it away with you.
We do not want your land
Lying around over our country.
his ancestry
His father was
a Comanche, his mother
a Jicarilla Apache.
what some said happened to him one day
Carl Adams, the man
who was born Karl Schwanbeck,
kicked Colorow downstairs
for waving a revolver
and calling the Governor
liar, damn liar, goddamn liar.
what he did at milk creek
When the soldiers crossed over
the Reservation line, the Utes
met their advance and stopped it.
And then Colorow, the clown