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of the Utes engaged in this outbreak. In fact,
it is one family and its relatives.
Telegram to the Bureau of Indian Aff airs:
september 10, 1879
i have been assaulted by a leading chief,
johnson, forced from my house and injured
badly, but rescued by employees. it was
johnson who started the trouble reported
sept. 8. his son shot at the plowman.
opposition to plowing is now wide. life of
self, family, and employees no longer safe.
protection needed at once.
n.c. meeker
He writes on the same day in a letter to William Byers:
I think they will submit to nothing but force.
How many are rebellious I don't know,
but if only a few are, and the others laugh
at their outrages, as they do, then the whole lot
is implicated. I did not come here
to be kicked and hustled out of my own house
by a pack of savages.
-- Not that I myself cannot
sympathize with your rage. Still ...
My contemporaries will be
wide-eyed with disapproval.
I can't think how I'd defend
language like that to them. He:
Language like -- yes, you mean that
`pack of savages.' Well, I