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when the Meeker women were brought in?
If so, who brought them there, and what
was their condition? -- A. I was at home
when they came there. General Adams
brought them. They seemed to be all right,
but did not talk with me. -- Q. What reasons
did the Indians give for this massacre?
-- A. I do not know what reasons they gave.
-- Q. Do they say that Mr. Meeker was
a bad man? -- A. I heard some of them
say that. -- Q. In what way was he bad?
-- A. They say he was always writing bad
of them, to Washington. -- Q. Is that
why they killed him? -- A. I do not know
why they did it. I know nothing
but what I have heard among the women.
-- Q. Tell us all you have heard from them.
-- A. I have already stated all I heard.
A Ute, unidentifi ed,
speaking in the nineteen-twenties
to an anthropologist
about the old days:
Then the people moved camp
to a new site. Those camps
and that life are gone now.
Everything moves on
and is lost. That is why
the Utes say `It is bad luck
to plan ahead.' For nothing
can stop, nothing is left
of those days but my story
and your words. Nothing
remains behind.