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is what you mean. -- Toward the end,
when you had all those reasons ...
-- Say they were decorations
like Piah's feathers. -- You know
they were not. Piah's feathers
he wore to catch in headlong
action the play of the light,
or, to be solemn, the Light;
but you were ... -- Oh, I was balked.
We were overloaded souls
toward the end, Utes and I both ...
it's your light soul that will last
a lifetime, that can no more
be hurt than a fl y in fl ight
struck at with a board. Lucky
the man who can get along
without one altogether.
As I think Arvilla did,
by the way. She got along
with a neatly fi nished self
in which burned a steady fi re
of a spirit. As for us --
we heavy souls need killing,
almost you could say, going
so out of balance with things ...
and then, a soul's dignity
is brief, the world outlasts it....
-- I put this in my notebook:
"From his seventeenth year," says
the D.A.B., "Meeker was
a wanderer, changing homes
and vocations so often
that even his wife could not
remember, after his death,
when and why all the changes
had taken place. Ute agent,