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away from the road 5
fragment on a theme by ausonius
Remembering early fall evenings on the Upper North Fork, Matilija
... now that the evening star is bringing on
earlier the day's last light and its shadows,
how many minutes more will that calm reach
hold the bright tan hillside? and the dark bay leaves
make dark bay leaves on the surface along the bank
of a pool there? and toyon berries, dead ripe by now and
hanging by the fi stful, put their redness in your riffl
es ...?
the teacher
Don't be a fool, leave the important things,
Always, unsaid: you owe this courtesy
To all the good ones -- give them the chance to hear them
Not being said (they are the ones that see
The swift elated bold activity
Of the angels as tall as the letters
Of the words in the poems you're reading -- shine of wings
Banking through O's, past A's...).
As for the one whose brain's not seated right,
And all the rest -- keep them well off from their betters
With a poker face, that none may be aware
(All souls must loom the same size in your sight).
What will you give the rest for occupation?
Shovel them information
(Which for the good ones spills out here and there
A gem-stone in a blaze).