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sonnet in printer's greek
Than sky or water. freenn tthom her hands,
How can they see? Bylypsoorr else a lover....
Mallards fl oat in the color. Llcck stobs hover.
Msidli advationfi r ent shining bands.
A liitle bleak. yllongg undulant ands.
Smell off sliff top, excloomong. Woll uncover
Not much rmmm. And veers abruptly out over
Face tense. Breathing iv arq demands.
Or fl ash of foam. Blicypp, old sonneteer ...
Abwarss in hero telic imperfection
Whyever not, Considerink the clear
Though sanderlings ssyvrrr which one's direction
Swer.kho in concert almost disappear.
Abdi nec dog runs on the red refl ection.
death song
Not the dead seal swollen tight as a football
That I saw, clear in the midday winter light,
But my students at their fi nal exams last night
Was my death vision. And no, not Nancy's skull
Under her smooth skin. I saw death edge them all
As they toiled there, it rested at the white
Surface of the papers I had, curved with the tight
Curve of the c in `precise,' kept the interval
Between each letter (and gives this cold salt air
Its underlightness, the moon its bright rim because
Death is what does not happen, around what does),
I held in my lungs its imperishable elsewhere,
I saw creation being supported by
Death's tortoise -- not on his shell, in his air-clear eye.