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Douglas I had connection with
once and no more. His children told me
I had to be a Ute squaw that night;
I expect Douglas wanted all
to be ready for him. I would be killed
if I did not submit, they said.
Douglas himself made up my bed.
Then the men sat and talked till midnight,
and then as soon as they had gone
Douglas came in to where I lay.
One great advantage of it was,
he was protection for me later
when others asked me to sit down
in their tents; I would tell them, No
for I was Douglas's squaw, and that
kept them away from me.
What Josie said
Behind her ingenuous and sober
rigidity for the offi
cial occasion
her fi re glimpsed once or twice.
Q. -- In your opinion, the main
cause of this outbreak was,
on the one hand, the eff ort
of the government, through its Agent,
to civilize the Utes,
and on the other hand
the resistance of the Utes
to any such eff ort? A. -- Yes, sir.