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index of first lines 423
I run along beside the little wobbly blur,
I run and coordinating agencies, 206
I run and think of running here the
night, 197
Is a self, 379
I saw a ballpoint pen, 113
I see my bones lie white, 159
Item in the paper, 6
It is a young oak tree and a stone, 16
It is something unhuman in us, 96
It lies in a glass case, 388
It was in early middle age, 236
Just ahead of us they run..., 20
Just before hitting the turn, 161
Just in time for the fog arriving, 227
Just the one branch lifts, 22
Last class goes overtime, there's some
delay, 185
Last night I lay awake, 14
Last night I lay awake, 149
Let it go on, he says, 142
Life's uneventful, and while we were
gone, 202
Life's uneventful. What I remember
most, 202
Light and the features run together, 296
Light fading and the marsh, 73
Like you I have shunned unrest, 275
Literature? We can shove it, 63
Look at me here. I stand, 278
Low dark cloud-cover and ocean make
a pair, 184
Low tide of winter, beach shines to the
eye, 207
Lying in the long dark, insomniac, 204
Months pass and still, 158
Moon'll be rising. There's a few people
here, 187
More distinct, 166
More fog..., 179
Never mind now, I am delighted, 174
No kites, no frisbees. No baking half the
day, 196
No longer muffl
ed in brush, 228
No running is the doctor's order.
Glumly enough, 189
Not bad, for night thoughts, but as
Hemingway, 204
Nothing in Rome escaped his glance...,
-- Not that its old kind give a damn for
it, 201
Not the dead seal swollen tight as a
football, 188
Now in the soft spring air, 55
Now it's been found, 19 that the evening star is bringing
on, 5
Now the wild trout comes in, tired
out..., 89
Of the fi rst sights we saw, 76
O how much is missin, 62
Oh, we will get out of here, 175
Oh you that are the saint, 132
Once again silence, vagueness..., 401
One fi nds that one, 63
One for the laments our time begets, 66
On the far side of the crossing, 10
On the fi rst page, review of Brecht by
Spender, 212
Open the morning paper, what do you
see?, 206
-- Or the man and the old woman seated
at either end, 180
Others are leaving as I pull in tonight,
Out in the rain all afternoon, 219
Out of an occasional delight, 161
Out of his mail, which was heavy, 43
Out to mail a letter, 66
Part of the thin shadow, 19
Patch of wet sand there, 94