background image
tree meditations and others 223
set back in a dusky luminosity
of greens separated like sections of stained glass
by the heavy black strokes
of the major branches and trunks -- think
of the long soft steady rains
the glass ablur
on this entirely gray and white scene
this morning seaward from the cape
(the whole cape, be it understood,
in its eternal aspect, as we in ours)
ocean terracing itself comes in
hurriedly pushing along its walls
of bouncing white water -- seven of them
I count approaching at one time, descending
to slide, at last, easily up on the gray
shine of the beach, and this solemn
and orderly commotion continues
helplessly. We have contrived
to be idle -- and alert, for a time,
but to the fi rm sand and to the air
moving as if with brisk intentness
and to the light busy at being light
on the water
-- for ourselves are
(with you dozing away in scarlet)
off somewhere on vacation
-- listen: in back of the rain forest
on a cold fl at shining loop
of the river are some old logs
abandoned I suppose long ago
by a lumber company, and on the logs fl oating
near the bank, long grass was growing