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It is now half past ten, and I must close.
I have to stand guard. Meeker is afraid
the Utes will fi re the hay. As regards danger,
don't fret. We are as safe, and sleep as sound,
as if in your quiet town of Greeley. Tomorrow
the soldiers will come, and the plowing will go on,
for Meeker must carry out orders or resign.
Meeker, the next day, leaving his offi
ce with the key
to lock the gunroom -- his daughter remembered this --
asks if she knows this day is an anniversary.
She doesn't, though since her father has been reading Pepys
in the new Bright edition he takes such pleasure in,
she supposes the answer relates to that. Then Meeker says
Why, on this day in the year ten sixty-six
William the Conqueror invaded England.
He returns from having locked the gun room and writes a letter.
There are about two hours of life remaining to him.
White River Agency
Sept. 29, 1879 -- 1:00 p.m.
Major T.T. Thornburgh
White River Expedition, in the Field
Dear Sir:
I shall leave with Douglas in the morning to meet you. Things are
peaceful. We have been on guard not because there is danger but because
there might be. I like your last programme. It is based on true military
Most truly yours,
N.C. Meeker, Indian Agent