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white river poems 403
as any Ute's.
Or as your own,
I say to Meeker.
He smiles
-- Sometimes,
I say to him,
it seems one sees
a diff erence:
The women give
how it was
He says, To sense
as some of them do,
that a life comes out
in detail, and
attendant detail
in compositions
makes for
a quick eye,
that's all.
The voice fades, then drifts back
There was no road up White River,
we had a time getting up there.
Then we fellows throwed the wood in the river
and started driving it down.
I worked 48 days in that river,
wading. By the time we had all got down there
the boys had to quit. They got rheumatism,
the river knocked them out,
all but J.A. Duncan and myself.
Then the night we camped down there
it looked rainy and bad
and we made our bed under the wagon.
Duncan took nightmares in the night
and went to jump up
and cut a big gash in his head.
Fades, and drifts back again
... and we branded up 3,300 head of L07 cattle.
That is what gave L07 Mountain its name.
We turned cattle loose on that mountain.
And an old woman
We broke a wheel, made camp,
and stayed two days,
made a new wheel,
and I washed and ironed
and had quite a housekeeping time.
How about making a wheel
in the heart of the Rockies,
no tools and hard wood.
We camped in a little park
with plenty of water and grass
and such lovely pine trees.