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squaws were there in the tent,
and one of them told me
I must not make a fuss about it,
it was pretty good. I think
that she felt sorry for me
but that she did not dare
do anything for me.
What she of the garden-
discussion with Nathan Meeker
explained to Josie:
Well, I cannot help it
if these Utes want to take you.
We will give you enough to eat.
You will not starve with us.
If Pah-sone wants to protect you
I cannot help it.
Flora Price
Flora's the wife
of Shadrach the plowman;
she is sixteen
and mother of May
and the baby, Johnnie.
-- A girl, as Josie
and Arvilla are women.
The bullets whizzed by my head.
A squaw came up and took
my little boy from the horse
and cried over him like a child.