background image
Hair Humpy, Blonde Wulff (the family
of Wulff s is large), The Professor,
Green Double Humpy, Renegade,
Female Adams, Adams Dry, Hairwing
Bluewing Olive, Silver Doctor (another
old one), Golden Fluttering Stone,
Cow Dung (he could never reconstruct
pathways by which the mind in search
of a name for a new trout fl y might
arrive at Cow Dung; however, Cow Dung
it was, for what is a still serviceable
old trout fl y), Blue Quill, Bitch Creek,
Cream Crane Fly, Olive Peeking Nymph
(vivid little almost-picture). He looks up
again, thinking of the light skittering
across fast water, the calm shine
of water full of leaf refl ections
at a bend; the sudden cold clamped
into his legs through his waders, the almost
alarming force of this particular current
as he entered some wide water moving
majestically in near-perfect silence
through one mountain meadow; pool
under a single leaning tree, white uproar
in the narrows, and he balancing there
on a boulder....
Looking down again:
it was the Irresistible catching his eye,
then Zug Bug, and South Fork Sally,
and Gray Fox, Hare's Ear Flashback,
Parmachene Belle (another of the old
ones, still good), Madame X Rubberlegs,
Grizzly King, Heavy Bitch Creek, Brown
Matuka, Gray Ghost, Black Leech,
Adult Blue Damsel, Royal Stimulator,
Brassie, Spruce Fly, Babine Special,
Jack Scott, and the Royal Coachman