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white river poems 389
on a sunny winter morning
in a quiet so intent
he does not know he is happy.
his picture
A huge face. Wide heavy cheekbones
and big hacked-out looking nose,
tired intelligent glittery eyes --
glittery as black grease. A sharp-cut
straight wide sulking mouth.
Beneath the lower lip and the cheekbones
emphatic black shadow, counterpart
of the light aglare against his forehead.
A willful face, an eager face.
digression: a picture next to his
A young Ute wrapped to his eyes
In a new blanket,
A fresh feather shooting forward
From his glossy black hair,
The whole person under that feather
Held in absolute stillness. Inscription,
In an elegant lady's hand, with ink
Gone gray with age: A Good Ute.
colorow in
the denver post
In '88, the year before he died:
`The Whites have asked for Colorow's removal
And the latter persists in staying on the ground.
He is by nature ugly and mean-tempered