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My dear slept on beside me
I knew; I had for proof
her light breath on my cheek.
The branch kept fi ngering
the same place on the roof.
a light rain in the late evening
A green bush in the shower
That bleared the window pane
Stood shining when it stopped
In its new skin of rain:
While leaves and eaves dripdropped
I stepped out on the scene
To breathe the late cold air,
When the sun broke through again
Forming a leaf of light
On every leaf of green
Making a bush of light
Still green with all its power
In the approach of night
And I could fi nd nowhere
To put the credit for this
And similar unsought pleasures
Various in their measures
In things that barely mattered
That I never thought to keep
And certainly can't miss
When I dissolve in sleep
Leaving them where they're scattered