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tree meditations and others 233
is that level, considering regard
you meet in the eye of a toad
or a lizard.
home rock
This chunk of mica-fl ecked rock I took
Off the mountainside; one fl eck
As I look catches my lamp's light
Eagerly, and from within itself
Dartles red and green lightnings back,
That blaze at the edge of my mind half the night.
surf perch and wandering tatlers
Those migrants
rush back and forth importantly on the beach
and point with agitation and work their wings
with a curious proprietary air
and make excited sounds, aroused
by the uproar of the surf, and we are
at ease, usually, inside
`the wave that cannot
halt' and is for this
no less secure
in its character
(the glittery bend of its
on-hastening wall) --
at ease and alert
to the likes of pelicans and fi sh hawks
(naturally) and not often thinking about the lively water.