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away from the road 43
proportions we just
beauties see: and in
short measures, life
may perfect be....'
On that rise, with the great trees
around and above him
with their sounds and movements
and with them the distant,
fi tful sound of the river,
he had entered a state
he'd not gone there to be in
(if he had, he would never
have entered it), and of which
he was not aware
-- was not able
to be
-- while in it. It was
something he'd know of,
and be able to visit,
only afterward.
names of trout flies
Out of his mail, which was heavy
with catalogs, he pulled the early
spring numbers of the catalogs
of Orvis and Dan Bailey,
and on this gray day of this
bleak February turned to the pages
of splendid photographs in color
of the trout fl ies. Dan Bailey's
number lined them up in rows
of six, stacked seven high. Inset
on one page was a photograph
of a vast brown meadow backed by
mountains, light blue and with many peaks