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white river poems 371
The Uncompaghre Utes
had given us much trouble;
they'd visit the Agency,
gather our Utes together
and insist that having them work
was a sort of whim of the Agent's,
it was not the government's wish
that they should work -- indeed,
it was counter to regulations,
they said, for Utes to work.
On Sunday night a war-dance
was held at Douglas's camp.
It lasted most of the night;
and they were keeping a watch
over the Agency.
The Indians at fi rst
had been much frightened; then
as the soldiers delayed their coming
we could see that the Indians
were growing more and more angry,
and they were all well-armed.
Father had thought to take us,
and the hired help, and go out
to the troops, then come in with them.
But he knew now he couldn't,
for the Agency and all
the goods placed in his keeping
would be destroyed, and he
would be held responsible
for everything there. Therefore
he decided to remain.