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index of first lines 425
There's Giles again, the lanky fellow...,
-- there was a red lizard..., 57
There was once, moon, 69
These are the case-hardened fi ngers, 172
The sense of the real thirty years back in
this clearness, 253
The sound of a waterfall down below, 33
The succession of bright scenes passes
through, 92
The sun is going down over the slack, 51
The terrier barks. I look up from
reading and fi nd, 54
The tiny alpine fl owers..., 93
The town lights are glittering, 308
The trim three-cornered head, 275
The two scholars with their oarsman, 70
The white, 231
They are exactly, 8
They fi nd in ruins of the Anasazi, 23
This bad country in the late afternoon
wears us down, 230
This big capsule, 101
This busy lame-brain, 176
This chunk of mica-fl ecked rock I took,
This cold full moon..., 68
This is how it was. Alone, 312
This last photograph, for the book
jacket, 140
This new and winter term is a stopped
wheel, 195
Those migrants, 233
Though by our century's failing light,
Though days may pass and you'll see no
one there, 184
Tonight sun and moon and earth line up
and drag, 193
"Turn on the hose," I say, 296
Two of them home by chance the same
weekend, 182
Under a low fogbank, the blackish tone,
Under the hillside ceanothus, 99
Up the long beach, a fl ock of
sanderlings, 212
We'd turn fi rst to those poems by him, 8
Well, it's an old aff air, 105
Well, it's a pretty sunset -- sherbet green,
Well, moon, enough of these, 69
We two at our reading this evening, 168
What, stirred still again as I stepped
outdoors, 135
-- what we called the strip of ground,
Whenever the Arctic winter nears, 165
When my old friend writes to me, 151
Where each oat tassel turns, 122
Where the canyon walls, 86
Whiskey of youth once mine, 53
Wild oats agile in the wind, 90
Wind spread the rain across the glass, I
hearing it, 200
Yeh, summer beach, young riders
thudding past, 205
You again. -- I again, though, 393
You haven't kept the reader busy enough,
Young, and I burned the world away, 141
You soon drop down to the place, 91
You went in between big orange groves,