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but of the present, and here,
always the thing we know is
the beginning -- where we live.'
I say, `It's complicated.'
He: `It wouldn't be, were you
shot clear of events, to hang
in clear speculative fi re,
so to speak. Clear and forceless.'
How it was, driving back to the Agency with a high-piled load
of supplies, and the Utes coming to meet him far up the road:
Ever so many handshakes, ever so many
jokes and laughs went around. And then we travelled
over Yellowjacket Pass and down Coal Creek
and, just as the sun went down,
entered the gate of the Agency enclosure.
He sends a double request to Washington: rescind
the rule forbidding the sale of weapons to the Utes,
and halt the illicit trading for them by permitting
the sale of weapons on the Reservation itself:
For not to allow them to purchase arms at all
is to prevent the Indians from pursuing
the one activity they now engage in
which yields them some few of their necessities.
Which request brings this reply from the Commissioner:
It is not our aim to encourage the Indians
to engage in these hunting expeditions ...
He reports to Commissioner Hayt on progress so far: